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"Last year I thought my living room was beyond hope.  Even Stanley Steamer couldn't make it look good.  This year I decided to try one more time before investing in new carpet.  I saw some excellent reviews for Wonderly Carpet Care so I decided to try them.  I am amazed and completely happy.  I no longer feel embarrassed by my carpet.  They did a spectacular job.  I recommend them without hesitation."     ~Denise

"Wonderly Carpet Care did an amazing job!  Very personable and professional!  They came when they said they would and provided the job they promised!  Would recommend them 1,000 times!  Can't wait to have them come back again!"   ~Mary~

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Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

The process we use at Wonderly Carpet Care is called Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning or it is also referred to as Steam Cleaning.  It is the process of using extremely hot water along with an environmentally safe rinse, to release dirt trapped deep within the carpet fibers.  Water temperatures will reach 180 - 220 degrees Fahrenheit.  For carpets that are more soiled, we begin the cleaning process with a pre-treat which helps to loosen the dirt and soiling prior to rinsing.  After we rinse, a strong suction is used to remove as much moisture as possible, leaving your carpets damp but not saturated.  

Drying time depends on the type of carpet, the air circulation in the home and also the temperature.  Carpets typically dry within 6-12 hours, no longer than 24 hours.